We have constantly been reviewing deliveries since we resumed selling again in early April. So, with the analysis of over 1000 shipments, here is the update: 


The UK has been delivering much quicker than the usual 15-30 Working Days that we recommend, the fastest deliveries being in 7 days, and on average it has taken 10 Days to deliver! There has been almost no heavily delayed packages in that time, only a couple in early April when the Coronavirus situation was really affecting shipping networks. We recommend 7-15 Working Days for delivery.


France has also been consistently delivering well, with only a small few deliveries being heavily delayed. The fastest deliveries to France have been 9 Days, and on average it takes 16 Days to deliver to France.


Spain has been similar to France, very few deliveries have been heavily delayed. The fastest deliveries have arrived in 11 Days, and on average it takes 14 Days to deliver to Spain. We recommend 11-18 Working Days for delivery.


Germany has had more heavily delayed deliveries, it seems to be the most heavily affected country from the current Coronavirus situation with regards to its shipping networks. So, please expect some delays on your deliveries to Germany. However, the situation is improving as time goes on. The fastest delivery has been 7 Days, and on average it has taken 20 Days to deliver. But again please note that there are heavy delays on some packages and sadly we cannot do anything about it, we wish we could! We recommend 7-35 Working Days for delivery.


Unsurprisingly, given the USA's situation with Coronavirus, USPS has been impacted by the current situation. The fastest delivery has been 15 Days, with an average delivery time of 24 Days. Similar to Germany, please note there are severe delays on some parcels and this is in line with how COVID-19 is going in the US. So please expect some delay, we hope that is not the case but we cannot provide any guarantees.


Belgium has been the one of the most consistent countries, with no heavily delayed packages! The fastest deliveries have been 12 Days, with an average delivery time of 15 Days. We recommend 12-20 Working Days for delivery.


Italy's performance is similar to Spain and France, only a couple of heavily delayed packages which were in April. The fastest deliveries have been in 14 Days, with an average delivery time of 17 Days. We recommend 14-20 Working Days for delivery.

Other Countries

If we haven't mentioned your country above, we do not have enough data to analyse, but we recommend that you base this upon how the situation is going with regards to Coronavirus in your country/also how well your national postal service usually works. We will keep the 15-30 Working Days estimate for those countries.

More Info

For the countries we do mention above, we will be adjusting the estimates for checkout so it is really clear what we estimate as the delivery times. 

Please note there is a 2-5 Working Days processing time with every Streetwear order. 

Stay safe everyone! BB Vintage x